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About Us

Progres News is a dedicated news website committed to delivering the most authentic, reliable, and up-to-date information on movies, TV shows, sports, music, entertainment, and celebrities.

Our primary goal is to consistently support and guide you in your best interests, serving as the driving force behind all our endeavors. Embracing a startup culture, we foster a flat organizational structure and emphasize a collaborative working strategy.

People from around the globe turn to us with positive intentions, and our mission is to provide information that educates, informs, and motivates them to make informed decisions. Learn more about our target audience.

We utilize fact-based data from various sources to present news, statistics, and recommendations on a wide range of issues essential to our users’ lives.

Our overarching objective is to assist our audience in making optimal decisions, a critical factor in nurturing our marketing relationships as well. Given that our audience seeks us out for specific reasons, we leverage content and exclusive first-party data to meticulously capture user engagement.

What’s Our Goal?

• We are determined, to tell the truth as accurately as possible.
• We report all the truth, as far as we can discover it, on key world events.
• As news disseminators, we uphold the decencies expected of a private gentleman.
• What it prints must be suitable for both young and old readers.
• Jornal Txopela’s obligation is to its viewers and the general public, not to its owners’ private interests.
• In the quest for truth, we are willing to make pecuniary sacrifices if it is essential for the public benefit.

What Do We Cover?

We are committed to delivering timely updates on the latest developments in upcoming and released movies and TV shows. Our primary focus is on trending entertainment content, ensuring you stay informed about release dates. Explore our website for diverse movie reviews based on authentic experiences.

Count on our team of experts to recommend movies tailored to your preferences, and we’ll also guide you to reliable sources for streaming the newest releases online.

Our skilled writers are dedicated to covering the latest television shows scheduled for broadcast. From trending shows worldwide to insightful reviews on highly anticipated series, we provide details on release dates and where to catch them. Trust us to guide you to the best viewing options.

For sports enthusiasts, our team of seasoned journalists brings you the latest global sports news and events, spanning Golf, Tennis, Football, NFL, NBA, and more. Get comprehensive details on match start times, venues, broadcast information, and expert analyses for match predictions—all available on our website.