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At a Glance: The Best PS5 Slim and PS5 Accessories

With the console wars ramping up, it may be tough to pick the best home gaming console with so many to choose. While the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X are fantastic, both don’t have the same level of cutting-edge graphics and exclusive titles, respectively, as the Sony PlayStation 5 — which is the most popular ninth-generation console.

The PS5 is an all-in-one entertainment system with top-tier video games, video and music streaming access, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc support (with the disc edition of the console). It could very well be the centerpiece of your home entertainment center, especially with the best accessories to help you get the most out of the PS5.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite PS5 models and accessories, including picks we’ve tried and tested ourselves, along with top rated accessories with more than four out of five stars from top retailers, like PS Direct, Amazon, and Walmart. Scroll down for our top choices below.

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What Are the Best PS5 Slim and PS5 Accessories?

If you’re looking to buy a Sony PlayStation 5, here’s the best model to pick up, as well as six of the best accessories to get in 2024. Our picks are based on hands-on use, consumer reviews, and usefulness for different types of gamers.

1. Sony PlayStation 5 Slim


On sale for $399.99 (reg. $449.99) at PS Direct, the PlayStation 5 “Slim” Digital Edition — which comes bundled with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — has most of the same specs and features as the original model, including 4K gaming with HDR (High Dynamic Range) picture quality for vibrant colors and inky black levels, up to 120FPS (Frames Per Second) with a silky smooth 120Hz output for action with little to no motion blur, and backwards compatibility with select PS4 games. But, the biggest difference is its size. The PS5 is 18 percent lighter and over 30 percent smaller by volume compared to the original model, which was released in 2020.

The Sony console has four USB ports (two front-facing USB-C and two rear USB-A) for expansion, inputs and peripherals, while it also has an HDMI out and Ethernet ports. The PS5 includes 1TB of on-board SSD (Solid-State Drive) storage, which is increased from the original model’s 825GB or storage.

What’s inside of the box? You’ll find a PS DualSense Wireless Controller, a single HDMI cable, and an AC power cable. It comes with a horizontal stand, However, the vertical stand (pictured above) is sold separately for an extra $29.99.

In our use, the PS5 Slim is a powerful video game console that’s more than capable of handling 4K Ultra HD graphics with buttery smooth motion and instant responsiveness. Its gaming library is impressive and loads of fun with console exclusive titles — such as the aforementioned Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Helldivers 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, The Last of Us, Parts 1 & 2, and Astro’s Playroom. The PS DualSense Wireless Controller feels grippy and comfortable in the hand, while its haptic feedback functions makes it feel like you’re interacting with the game itself.

Promising Customer Feedback: “I’m blown away by the incredible gaming experience it delivers. The graphics are stunning, the loading times are practically non-existent, and the overall performance is nothing short of phenomenal. The exclusive titles available showcase the true power of this console, making each game a captivating adventure.” —King

2. PlayStation Portal


For something that’s a bit more portable, the PlayStation Portal is a handheld remote player for the PlayStation5. Although it resembles a Nintendo Switch or a SteamDeck, it’s not an independent gaming console. You have to own a PlayStation 5 to use the PS Portal since the device works together with the console.

It pairs to your PS5 and mirrors its functions and gameplay, but in a portable handheld via Wi-Fi. This means you can play games anywhere when you’re on the same Wi-Fi network. The PS Portal comes in handy for those instances when you want to play a game, but someone else in your home is watching TV that’s connected to the PS5.

The Sony gaming handheld has 60FPS at 1080p HD gaming resolution, thanks to its sharp 8-inch LCD touchscreen display. On each side, you’ll find two grippy handles with Sony DualSense wireless controller features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

It has a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired headphones. Sadly, the PS Portal doesn’t come with Bluetooth at all. So if you want to go wireless with a pair of headphones and earbuds or a gaming headset, you’d have to use Sony’s in-house PlayStation Link connectivity standard through the PS5 console itself.

Promising Customer Feedback: “This thing is absolutely amazing!! The screen and graphics on this thing is insane it doesn’t seem real to have this insane quality for a portable. Fortnite runs outstanding on this! Sony has really out done themselves with this! Everyone in our family is planning on getting one when they get more in stock.” —Espressolover

3. PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller


Although the PS5 comes with the PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller out-of-the-box, the pro-level PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller gives gamers more control, precision, and options when playing their favorite games. First of all, the analog sticks are swappable for a customizable fit and feel, while two additional back buttons that are mappable for specific games.

Meanwhile, the left and right triggers are adjustable, so you can have more or less grip when you pull them. It gives you a competitive edge when playing first-person shooters, fighting games, and racing games.

Promising Customer Feedback: “This controller changed my gaming experience. It makes the game more enjoyable and more satisfying. You can program it to your liking. Depending on what game you’re playing. If your a true gamer, the you need this controller.” —Joe Tarascio

4. PlayStation Access Controller



To increase the PS5’s gaming community, the tech and entertainment company developed the Sony PlayStation Access Controller, a controller kit that’s very customizable for better accessibility — namely for gamers with dexterity issues or disabilities.

It’s designed for easy access, while the PS Access Controller is completely adaptive for many different types of playing styles. This is thanks to its 360-degree design, extendable joystick, swappable and magnetized buttons and stick caps, range of motion, textured layout and more. In fact, the controller is even made to stay in place on flat surfaces, like a AMPS-pattern mount or wheelchair tray.

The controller is expandable for different types of configurations, while it can sync together with another PS Access Controllers for additional accessibility. You can sync it with a traditional PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller for adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, motion sensors, and other features.

In addition, the PlayStation Access Controller comes with four expandable input ports for even more peripherals, including joysticks, triggers, and action buttons. You can create custom profile for up to 30 controller settings. This means it’s easier to re-map the entire controller based on the game you’re playing with just about endless customizations and possibilities for deeper gaming experiences for more gamers.

Promising Customer Feedback: “I can’t hold a standard PlayStation controller anymore – too much pressure on my fingers. I was very excited when I found out Sony was making an accessibility controller and ordered one immediately. It arrived today. From the thoughtful packaging, I could open it by myself to the impressive intuitive easy setup of the controller, I was blown away. Well done Sony, thank you for this. I feel like I have an important part of my life back.” —Blue

5. PlayStation Pulse Elite Wireless Headset



Looking for immersive gaming audio? The PlayStation Pulse Elite Wireless Headset is a true wireless gaming headset that’s specifically designed for the PS5 and PS Portal. In fact, it even connects to two devices at the same time. It offers impressive gaming audio that’s clean, robust and very immersive with rumbling and deep bass.

Meanwhile, the gaming headset comes with a USB “PS Link” dongle that connects directly into the back of the PS5 for a solid low-latency wireless audio connection with little to no lag. It has a battery life that ranges up to 30 hours per charge for even longer gaming sessions. The Sony Pulse Elite has a clever hidden microphone design. The microphone slides out of the left earcup to let gamers chat online when in use and retracts back when not in use.

Promising Customer Feedback: “The details, tonality, enemy placement and just overall audio quality these headphones provide far surpassed my expectations, even knowing that Audeze designed the drivers with Sony, I was blown away with the tonality and detail these cans produce. If you want a bit more bass, like I did, you can adjust the EQ in the PS5…” —Tim

6. Sony InZone Buds


For something more compact, the Sony InZone Buds are a must. They’re a pair of true wireless earbuds that deliver exceptionally clear premium gaming with heart-thumping bass with noise-canceling features. The earbuds even have a microphone design that lets gamers chat with teammates and opponents online.

Sony InZone Buds comes with a sleek charging case, which is used for storage and additional battery life. In fact, the earbuds have a 12-hour battery life per charge, but the charging case can provide an extra 12 hours of use — that’s up to 24 hours in total.

Additionally, the Sony InZone Buds are compatible with Mac and PC laptops, as well as Apple iPhone and Android mobile devices via Bluetooth LE (LC3) and included USB-C dongle.

Promising Customer Feedback: “Sony finally killed it with this InZone gaming earbuds set. The sound quality of these is on par with some higher-end earbuds that have a gaming feature but are not meant as your main gaming earbuds, which makes them an excellent choice for both gaming and music listening! The connection is instant with the included dongle and it doesn’t drop.” —WeAreGoingSomewhere

7. Playstation Media Remote


One of the most useful things about the PS5 is that it’s also a streaming device, as well as a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player (if you opt for the disc edition model). And while you can use the PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller to fire up streaming apps, navigate through menus, and play/pause/fast forward/rewind your favorite movies and TV shows, it doesn’t have the same one-handed feel like using a traditional remote control.

Enter the Playstation Media Remote, a simple remote control that perfectly matches the PS5, while it can control just about all of the media on the gaming console. Aside from media controls, the remote has dedicated streaming app buttons — including Disney+, Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube — to launch streaming services faster (if you’re a subscriber) instead of scrolling through menus to find the one you’d like to watch. It even powers on/off your TV and adjust its volume levels.

Promising Customer Feedback: “This is a really slick designed remote. It connected very quickly to both the PS5 and TV. Very easy to do. I did at first think it could be used for the TV, but it only powers on and off as well as adjust the volume. I expected the Netflix (app) on the TV to turn on, but it actually turned on the Netflix app on the PS5 instead. Still pretty cool and easy to use.” —Jay

Buying Guide; How to Pick the PS5 Slim and PS5 Accessories

There are many factors to think about when choosing a Sony PlayStation 5 model and the best PS5 accessories for you. Below, you’ll see a few of the things that we considered when putting this roundup together.

Design: When the PS5 was first released in 2020, the home console was big, bulky, and stood out next to a TV. While you could swap out its paneling to make it less garish (or more garish, depending on your tastes), it was still a monstrosity. However, in 2023, Sony re-designed the PS5 to be much smaller and slimmer. In fact, the PS5 Slim is more than 30 percent smaller by volume and 18 percent lighter when compared to the original model. Moreover, its disc drive is now detachable for a much slimmer profile.

Function: The best accessories for the PS5 serve a function that doesn’t come out-of-the-box. The PS5 is pretty barebones when you buy one. It only comes with a PS DualSense Wireless Controller, a single HDMI cable, an AC power cable, and a horizontal stand. If you want additional functionality, like a gaming headset, a pair of earbuds, or pro controller, you’re going to have to pick up accessories to help you get the most out of it.

For example, if you’re a gamer with disabilities or dexterity issues, then a highly-customizable Sony PlayStation Access Controller would serve better than the standard PS DualSense Wireless Controller that comes with the console.

Compatibility: Although the PS5 is an advanced gaming console with cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD graphics and audio, it doesn’t have native Bluetooth built-in. This means most gaming headsets, wireless headphones, and wireless earbuds won’t connect to the console unless you have a dongle, so making sure accessories are compatible with the PS5 is key. All of the wireless devices listed in the roundup above are compatible with the PS5 via dongle or Sony’s in-house PlayStation Link technology.

Customer reviews have been edited for length and clarityand size availability is posted at the time of publication.


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